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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Not really related to the theme of this blog at all, but if you read this, you probably have an open approach to music. So I figured my favorite (note: not best, but favorite) tracks of 2012. Enjoy in your free time!

All The Sailboats
Regina Spektor
Off "What We Saw From The Cheap Seats"

Much like "Dr. Who," Regina Spektor has tainted my future visits to art museums with fear and depression. 
All the Rowboats by Regina Spektor on Grooveshark

"All Your Satellites Are Falling"
Dead Ending
Off "Dead Ending EP"

It might not mean much for a band to be a hardcore "supergroup," but Dead Ending is it. 

Dark Paradise
Lana Del Rey
Off "Born To Die"

I generally find Lana Del Rey misguided, but this track needs neither sex nor soda to sell.
Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey on Grooveshark

Le Destin
Off "Automat"

If One Direction was your favorite international pop/boy band this year, you were wrong. 

I'm His Girl
Off "The Manifest!"

Friends makes the best of the usually annoying hipster-meets-hip-hop alternative sub-genre. Im His Girl by Friends on Grooveshark

Kiss Them For Me
School of Seven Bells
Off Record Store Day exclusive single

I usually try to avoid covers for my "best of" list, but this club-going Siouxsie revamp is worth it. 

The Lion's Roar
First Aid Kit
Off "The Lion's Roar"

It seems the Swedes always slip someone in, but in this case they sound like the purest of Texans. The Lions Roar by First Aid Kit on Grooveshark

Little Talks
Of Monsters and Men
Off "My Head Is An Animal"

If there's one track you've definitely heard from this list, it's this super-catchy Icelandic number.

Piss Test
A-Trak featuring Juicy J and Danny Brown
Off "Piss Test" single

A-Trak is just the guy with the beats, but he really deserves all the credit for this bass-laden weed-homage.
Piss Test by A-Trak, Juicy J, Danny Brown on Grooveshark

Play The Guitar
B.o.B featuring Andre 3000
Off "Play The Guitar" single

Somehow, of all the tracks not to make B.o.B's new album, this gem featuring Andre 3000 was passed over.

Servant in The Place of Truth
The Acacia Strain
Off "Servant in The Place of Truth" single

The lyrics are ridiculous and the levels are awesome, so this must have been a fun Death track to make.
Servant In The Place Of Truth by The Acacia Strain on Grooveshark

Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)
The Allah-Las
Off "Allah-Las"

If you like the Rolling Stones' early days in mono, this single is for you. 

Thrift Shop
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Off "The Heist"

This song has recently become popular, and I predict Macklemore will go down in cult history for it.
Thrift Shop by Macklemore on Grooveshark

Tick, Tock
Pusha T, Raekwon, Joell Ortiz, and Danny Brown
Off "The Man With The Iron Fists" soundtrack

 I'm skeptical of most rappers who recount drug running, but I've never doubted Pusha T for a second. 

Walk Like A Giant
Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Off "Psychedelic Pill"

The best track off the best album of the year. No one told Neil Young he couldn't have a 16-minute single.
Walk Like a Giant by Neil Young & Crazy Horse on Grooveshark

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